Patient Flow Simulation

Improving Patient Flow in Outpatient Clinics with Simulation

In a recent article in the Birmingham Medical News, Deborah Flint, director of Performance Engineering at the Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital, explained the role that simulation plays in improving patient flow at her facility:

“The computer simulation helps evaluate different scenarios we may have identified using Lean Six Sigma. It helps us validate whether a new approach works. It allows us to see the impact before we pilot an idea. If we don’t get good results, we decide not to implement it.”

Solving outpatient problems

Outpatient care is unique in part because facilities are often designed, equipped,

Predictive Analytics with FlexSim HC

What Are Predictive Analytics Anyway?

I keep a registry of “buzz words” and their definitions on my laptop, mostly for my own protection. It’s so I don’t look ignorant if one pops up in an email from some colleague asking for my opinion of the latest process improvement technique or sophisticated method of system evaluation.

Improved Healthcare Efficiency

Healthcare Efficiency and Effectiveness, a Balancing Act

This morning I had the occasion to read a new piece of legislation, titled “The ACO Improvement Act of 2014,” that was introduced barely two weeks ago. I like new stuff, especially new legislation designed to improve old legislation. Seems like there’s been more of that the last few years, especially dealing with healthcare issues, than ever before—and probably for good reason.

Healthcare Simulation, Doctors and Patient

Welcome to the FlexSim Healthcare Blog!

I wish someone had written a training manual about how to start a blog, what subjects might be appropriate and which might be inappropriate, and how to express your opinions in ways that are informative, tactful, respectful, courteous, and brief. Unfortunately, no one has. So, today I’m kicking off an untested, unencumbered, and unrestricted (as of yet) blog whose focus is the discrete event modeling of healthcare systems.