Exploratory Simulation: How to Win at Healthcare Analysis

Exploratory Simulation for Healthcare Analysis

Did you know that you can get some quick wins with healthcare systems simulation?

It’s called Exploratory Simulation, and it’s a great way to understand what’s going on right now as well as explore the impact of future change. What kind of change? How about changes in process, changes in allocated resources, and changes in environment!

Top 100 Hospital

How One of the Best Improves Healthcare

Award-winning health systems find a balance between efficiency and effectiveness

Each year since 1993, Truven Health Analytics has investigated thousands of U.S. hospitals for their 100 Top Hospitals® report. The study is well-regarded on social media, it’s been cited in many publications—and my local hospital seems proud enough to be included that they displayed a banner (pictured below) over their entrance.

FlexSim HC 5: Healthcare Simulation Software

FlexSim HC 5: Your Healthcare Simulation Software Guide

It’s been exactly six years since the introduction of FlexSim Healthcare, our unique solution to the issues many users have adapting general purpose simulation software to healthcare applications. That first version of our FlexSim HC software married 3D modeling with impactful analytics in an intuitive, code-free environment.

Predictive Analytics with FlexSim HC

What Are Predictive Analytics Anyway?

I keep a registry of “buzz words” and their definitions on my laptop, mostly for my own protection. It’s so I don’t look ignorant if one pops up in an email from some colleague asking for my opinion of the latest process improvement technique or sophisticated method of system evaluation.

Improved Healthcare Efficiency

Healthcare Efficiency and Effectiveness, a Balancing Act

This morning I had the occasion to read a new piece of legislation, titled “The ACO Improvement Act of 2014,” that was introduced barely two weeks ago. I like new stuff, especially new legislation designed to improve old legislation. Seems like there’s been more of that the last few years, especially dealing with healthcare issues, than ever before—and probably for good reason.

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