Technology Enabled Patient Care

About FlexSim

At FlexSim Software Products, Inc., our goal is to help organizations become more efficient, profitable, and competitive. We want facilities to succeed under the Affordable Care Act, to thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape without sacrificing patient outcomes. That’s why we set out to create a patient-centered solution that’s powerful and comprehensive but still easy to use. That’s why we’re interested in identifying those sources of delay that prevent skilled care providers from doing what they do best for their patients. That’s why we created FlexSim Healthcare.

History of FlexSim Healthcare

FlexSim Healthcare can trace its roots back to the mid-2000s, when healthcare users were having issues adapting FlexSim’s general purpose simulation engine for specific healthcare applications. Some of these early tests were successful, but it became clear that manufacturing-focused software is not suited for the unique environment and challenges of a healthcare setting. By 2008, lead developer Cliff King had begun working on a simple application to do just that: provide a simulation solution specifically for healthcare. He brought an early alpha build of the software to the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference (HSPIC) and received positive feedback and a clear demonstration of the need for simulation in healthcare.

Healthcare Simulation Software

Buoyed by the response, Cliff began work on a software package that would be ready out-of-the-box to simulate healthcare systems. He and his team spent the following months developing the product, seeking the expertise of both process improvement engineers and physicians to ensure it would benefit all stakeholders in a healthcare organization, not just a select few. FlexSim HC version 1.0 was released in June 2009, and featured a fully 3D modeling environment, powerful analytics, and simple, code-free drag-and-drop controls.

Designed specifically for medical professionals, FlexSim HC helps to streamline patient flow, plan facility layout, optimize emergency rooms, and much more. Now, more than 10 years since its initial release, FlexSim HC continues to see incredible growth and improved features for an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

FlexSim Worldwide

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FSP) is headquartered in Orem, Utah, with offices in Canada, Mexico, India, Germany, and China. FSP has regional distributors around the globe that provide support, training, and consulting services.

Our clients include nationally and globally recognized corporations, including many companies found in the Fortune 500, and our product offerings are consistently ranked number one in our industry for software development and client support.