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The best way to experience the world’s best healthcare simulation software? Try it for yourself!

FlexSim HC Express is available for anybody to use. It’s 100% free, and it still packs enough features to allow you to model small healthcare operations and simulate them as many times as you’d like. There are no time restrictions either, so feel free to use and evaluate FlexSim HC for as long as you’d like.

Get your free copy of FlexSim HC Express today, and see what simulation can do for your healthcare facility.

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Who Uses FlexSim Healthcare?

  • Priyantha Devapriya, Ph.D.Priyantha Devapriya, Ph.D.Manager Analytics and Operations Research, Geisinger Medical Center

    “Working with FlexSim HC tech support is absolutely a pleasant experience. Their tech support staff is very responsive and knowledgeable. They don’t just email a solution, but work with us and teach us how to model difficult healthcare processes. Thank you Regan, Brittany and Cliff!. With your support, over the last 3 years, we managed to develop and successfully validate some of the most challenging, yet widely used, healthcare simulation models. The best in FlexSim HC is the flexibility that enables us to model almost any healthcare process.”

  • Kevin MartinKevin MartinPresident, Carbon Health Systems

    “Our organization needed a way to help physicians more efficiently serve their patients without making educated guesses or listening to the loudest voices as often happens. We turned to FlexSim to enable us to provide an objective approach to a complicated patient flow issue. FlexSim HC allowed us to show physicians how changes would impact processes in a simple yet scientific approach they greatly appreciated. We selected FlexSim for three reasons: 1) excellent customer service, 2) ease of use, 3) robust and flexible software design. Flexsim was an excellent choice!”

  • Matthew R. BanasMatthew R. BanasSystems Redesign, James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital

    “Our use of FlexSim HC simulation software has allowed my leadership to be more actively engaged with the improvement process. The 3D modeling allows for non-programmers to more easily understand and “see” the challenges of managing such a complicated and heavily integrated system. Our leadership has been able to use this enhanced insight to make better decisions for our patients.”

  • Setenay KaraSetenay KaraSr Business Consultant, Nationwide Children's Hospital

    “FlexSim HC is the easiest simulation program that I have used. It is very intuitive; it is the kind of program that I can actually figure out the functionalities without an extensive training. If I don’t, then I know that I will be helped in no time. Their help desk actually helps!!”

  • Justin HuffJustin HuffIndustrial Engineer, St. Dominic's Hospital

    “I have found FlexSim Healthcare to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. My first project took 2 days and resulted in a savings of over $15,000 annually! Also, my ER simulation took less than half the time of my colleague using a different program and the visuals and data reporting are fantastic! The support staff are great at answering questions and helping me model difficult situations. I couldn't ask for anything more in a simulation software package. Thanks for all you do!”

  • Mani ShanmughamMani ShanmughamSr. Quality Manager, Bard Access Systems, Inc.

    “FlexSim HC is a great tool for VAT in hospitals to analyze capital medical device usage time. It helped us in simulating device deployment time and comparing clinical efficiency of various systems. With ACA in effect, accomplishing cost savings without compromising quality, safety and effectiveness, a scientific tool like FlexSim HC is a MUST.”

  • Mahboobeh YazarlooMahboobeh Yazarloo Industrial Engineer, MD Anderson Cancer Center

    “The FlexSim HC features available for simulating your system will blow your mind!”

  • Sung Nam HwangSung Nam HwangSimulation Specialist, RTKL

    “FlexSim HC can display the most realistic 3D representation in discrete event simulation software in the market so far. It will satisfy our aesthetic needs very well.”

  • Supina MaponSupina MaponVice President, CannonDesign

    “The FlexSim HC product has been a powerful tool we use to help our clients think critically about where they are and where they need to be. In building a simulation model for a complex environment like an operating room or emergency department, the very process itself forces you to understand how your processes work today and hone in on what the critical drivers for delays and inefficiencies may be. FlexSim HC has shown itself to be an extraordinary tool for testing our assumptions and providing direction as to the best initiatives to undertake. In addition, I can’t say enough positive things about the FlexSim team. They are great at what they do, 100% dedicated to their clients and most importantly, passionate about truly making a difference in changing healthcare.”

  • Monica SommerMonica SommerPerformance Improvement Engineering Fellow, Hospital Sisters Health System

    “As a new user to FlexSim HC, I found it easy to use for basic modeling, and it allows my organization to look at performance metrics without physically making any changes. Even with more complicated models, tech support has been very accommodating and has been able to walk me through it. Before any of our buildings undergo construction, a FlexSim HC model is created to determine how the process will be affected and if it can handle growth. It’s great software for performance improvement!”