FlexSim HC 5: Your Healthcare Simulation Software Guide

It’s been exactly six years since the introduction of FlexSim Healthcare, our unique solution to the issues many users have adapting general purpose simulation software to healthcare applications. That first version of our FlexSim HC software married 3D modeling with impactful analytics in an intuitive, code-free environment.

Ever since then, we’ve remained committed to growing and improving to meet the needs of an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our latest healthcare simulation software, FlexSim HC 5, is the culmination of a year of work to integrate our fastest and most powerful simulation engine, along with many enhancements to just about every aspect of the software.

FlexSim HC 5: Healthcare Simulation Software

Healthcare simulation has never looked better! Our latest software features gorgeous shadows and lighting right out of the box.

Click here if you’re ready to use the world’s best healthcare simulation software. The “Express” version of FlexSim HC is always free to use with no time restrictions, and it takes only a few seconds to create your free FlexSim Account to download it. If you’d like a little more information about this release, keep reading below:

  • Interested in a quick video tour? If you have five minutes to spare, this video will cover many of the features and improvements in the latest version:

  • Want a deeper look at what’s new in the software? Cliff King, VP of Technical Services at FlexSim, has an excellent forum post covering the “26 new features in HC5 we know you’ll love.”
  • We’ve created a video series called “Healthcare Basics” that covers the absolute essentials of healthcare simulation modeling in FlexSim HC 5. It’s a great place you start if you have no experience in FlexSim HC, or even if your skills are a little rusty. The videos can be found here.