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This is the world’s most powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use simulation software designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare facilities. FlexSim HC allows you to analyze all of the components to patient outcomes and evaluate the impact they have on your healthcare system, all in a patient-centered virtual environment. The solutions you find will be accurate, and will help your healthcare organization be as efficient as possible without the risk of real-world experimentation and without sacrificing the ability of practitioners to do what they do best: help patients get better.

3D Visuals

Captivating realism

Simulation should be just as capable of being visually compelling as it is analytically compelling. FlexSim HC’s fully 3D visuals, using the latest OpenGL graphics, allow you to see exactly what’s going on in the model as its running. It’s much easier to compare results when you can visually see what’s happening to your simulated healthcare system.

The 3D visuals also create opportunities for communication and teamwork among all the stakeholders in patients’ outcomes. A simulation with accurate 3D models of the personnel, equipment, and furniture found in your healthcare facility is far more compelling than a simple chart. And when you combine the power of FlexSim HC with your favorite spreadsheet or database programs, anything is possible!

Patient Track in Healthcare Simulation

Patient Track

Familiar and effective

The patient drives all the activity in a real life healthcare setting, and the Patient Track Manager makes that behavior possible within a FlexSim HC model. You can create the list of activities and processes that have been assigned based on a patient’s acuity, diagnosis, and any other user-defined attributes.

Patients don’t “flow” like parts in a manufacturing plant; they aren’t pushed from one process to another. Instead, the Patient Track emulates the natural pull of human resources that come to the patient to provide service and guide them to the appropriate next step in their prescribed care process.

Track Features

  1. Nine pre-designed Activity Types to model how patients interact with staff and resources, plus custom options to fit any unique situation.
  2. Milestones to track patient progress in the model at specific points.
  3. The flexibility to sequence patient care steps using Predecessor activities.
  4. Add stochastic distributions to accurately model the time it takes for each activity.
  5. Choose the appropriate staff and resources based on criteria (like where the patient is located, which physician saw them earlier, etc.).

Healthcare Simulation Software

FlexSim HC

Healthcare Simulation Software

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  • Support

  • Dashboards

    • Powerful, fully customizable graphs and charts to give accurate data on the results of a simulation.
    • Track many data points including patient waiting times, available resources, staff utilization, and much more.

  • Experimenter

    • Quickly change multiple sets of variables and see the results from multiple scenarios without disrupting your facility.
    • Save time by running many replications automatically – set it up and walk away.

System Requirements

FlexSim is designed to run on most modern Windows systems. Unique or complex modeling situations may carry additional hardware requirements.

Check out this FlexSim Answers article for an in-depth discussion regarding the components that make the most difference when building and running your simulation models.

Minimum System Requirements

Most desktop and laptop computers produced in the last few years meet FlexSim’s minimum specs. A system that meets these specs will allow you to evaluate FlexSim, go through the tutorials, and build small to medium sized models.

CPU Any modern1 x86 or x64 Intel or AMD processor
Graphics Any GPU that supports OpenGL 3.1 or higher:

  • Nvidia GeForce 300 Series or higher
  • AMD Radeon R600 (HD 2xxx, HD 3xxx) Series or higher
  • Intel HD 2000 or higher
OS Any Microsoft-supported Windows operating system2.
Currently Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.
32- or 64-bit
Additional Software .NET Framework 3 (required)
Visual Studio4 (optional)

Recommended Specs

For the best experience—and for larger, more graphically intense, or complex models, including importing custom shapes and using the experimenter or optimizer features—we recommend at least the following system specs.

RAM 8 GB RAM or more
OS Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit
Additional Software .NET Framework 3 (required)
Visual Studio4 (optional)
  1. Some modern low power processors, such as Intel’s Atom, have lower performance in highly demanding apps like FlexSim than mainstream desktop and notebook processors. Consequently, large simulations will take longer to complete on these low power CPUs. ARM processors are not supported.
  2. Once an operating system reaches its end of extended support with Microsoft, FlexSim no longer actively supports that OS. Windows on ARM is not supported.
  3. FlexSim uses functionality provided by Microsoft’s .NET framework. The .NET framework is already installed on most computers. It can be freely obtained from Microsoft Windows Update, or as a standalone download directly from Microsoft.
  4. Microsoft’s Visual Studio can be used in conjunction with FlexSim to build compiled models or enhance system level functionality (OS, network, etc.). These features are optional, however. FlexSim does not require a compiler to build or run simulation models. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Community is a free download from Microsoft Corporation.