What’s New in FlexSim HC?

Version 5.3

FlexSim HC is the world’s best software for modeling, analyzing, and improving healthcare systems. Keep reading to see what’s new and exciting in the latest version.

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FlexSim 5.3

Visually Stunning

New Library Shapes

There are 38 additions to FlexSim HC’s already impressive library of 3D shapes—including four new patient locations and five transports. The software is ready out-of-the-box to add realism to your healthcare model.

FlexSim HC 5.3 Library Shapes

New Patient Accessories

Patient gowns and field bandages are the latest accessories available for patients in your model. That means there are now more than two dozen unique add-ons to help your virtual people look the part.

FlexSim HC 5.3 New Patient Accessories

Object Customization

Certain new and existing 3D shapes have received more visual customization options. This will allow you to change the color—and even the texture—of key components in these shapes for an all-new look.

FlexSim HC 5.3 Custom Color/Texture

Revit Import

Architects rejoice! Thanks to our new FBX Importer, any 3D content you develop in Autodesk’s Revit software can be imported and used in FlexSim HC models.

Enhanced Analysis

Improved Object Tracker

FlexSim HC 5.3 Object Tracker

This tool has been essential for reviewing and debugging the events that happen while running simulations with your model. The Object Tracker has been enhanced in FlexSim HC 5.3 to give quick access to a specific patient’s Activity Table and Milestone Chart. We’ve also added more information—like who the patient is waiting for, how long they’ve been waiting, and more.

More Experimenter Variables

Running experiments in FlexSim HC is a powerful way to test “what if” scenarios. We’ve added three new variables for experimentation—Patient Speed, to investigate patient walking speed, and two options allowing you to use table data as the variant (either a single column or the entire table).

Raw Data Access

Experiments in FlexSim HC typically result in a heap of raw data from numerous scenarios and replications. You can now save off these raw data tables into CSV files for further processing and analysis.

Model Building

Staff Dispatch Requirements

Staff Request Control

The new Staff Request Rule option gives you control over how staff requests are dispatched. When a single activity has two or more staff requirements, you can direct them to be dispatched at the same time or in the order they are listed in the activity. This is a useful option in systems that are susceptible to gridlock.

Customized Activities

Custom Activities let you add modeling logic that is as unique as the system you’re imitating. FlexSim HC 5.3 contains several improvements for adding these activities in your model. We’ve opened up the interface to change the behavior of activity types, and you can now rearrange events within an activity to occur in a custom order.

More Pick List Options

These powerful options let FlexSim HC imitate your system’s characteristics without the need for computer code. The software includes new pick lists for patient destinations, custom activities, and object relocation—plus several updates to existing options.

Advanced Options

We’ve broadened the options for advanced users by adding “Code Snippet” buttons to all pick list fields, making the underlying code more accessible. Seasoned users will also enjoy some useful new commands covering companions, destinations, and resource reservation & keeping.

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